EnvOps supports and empowers organizations in the digital transformation journey through concepts, solutions, and tools required for DevOps-driven processes, implementation, and successful vendor management through insourcing and outsourcing ratio changes.



New technology enablers are in place and require implementation.

Improvement of up to
70 percent.

Through mature deployment processes and ready regression sets.

Improvement of up to
80 percent.

Through End-to-End Automation Approach, automation tools & frameworks, and DevOps for test automation.

Improvement of up to
20 – 30 percent.

Through improved delivery productivity and lesser defect leakage due to left shift approach.

Improvement of up to
60 percent.

Through shorter test cycles, agile test approach, and ready labs & test banks.

Improvement of up to
40 percent.

Through environments virtualization and orchestration & automation

Agility, DevOps

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Comprehensive automated regression testing sets
Big Data, Operational Analytics
  • Enhanced data storage and data access capabilities
  • Operational Intelligence enable to collect and analyze E2E data.

Cloud Computing, Virtualization

  • On Demand Infrastructure and On Demand Platform
  • Enhanced orchestrations for capacity management and deployments introductions with immediate rollback

Network Virtualization, Software Defined Network

  • On Demand Network with automatic firewalling and routing
  • Software Defined datacenters to boost availability, capacity and time to market for software delivery.